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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sweet Good Morning "SMS" Shayari

  1. Aap na hotay to hum kho gaye hotay,
    Apni zindagi se ruswa ho gaye hotay,

    Yeh to aap ko Good Morning k kehnay k liye uthay hain,
    Warna hum to abhi bhi soo rahay hotay.

    Good Morning
  2. X’cuse me,
    Agar ap abhi soye nahin ho
    aur sms parh rahe ho to
    “Good Night”

    Aur agar aap so gaye ho
    aur sms subah parho gay to phir
    “Good Morning”
  3. Good Morning..!
    Ab neeche nashta
    dhond rahe ho kia?
    Aik bar keh to diya
    “Good Morning”

  4. Suraj ki pahli kiran khushi de aapko,
    Dusri kiran hasi de aapko,
    Tisri tandarusti aur kamyabi,
    Bas aab jyada nahi warna garmi lagegi!!!
    Good Morning.
  5. Soraj ki pehli kiran
    Din ka pehla pehar
    Panchion ki pehli chehchahat
    Dhanak ka pehla rang
    Hawa ki thandi sansanahat
    Subha ka pehla khomar:
  6. ne ye Paigaam bheja hai Phoolon ne Amrit ka jaam bheja hai, Sooraj ne gagan se Salam bheja hai, Mubarak ho Aapko nayi subhah, Tahe-Dil se HumGood Morning.

  7. Hi Good Morning...!!! Uth gaye ho na? Arz hai,Chai ke pyale se uthte dhue mein teri
    tasvir nazar aati hai,Inhi khyalon mein kho kar aksar meri chai thandi ho jaati hai.

    In English:-

  8. May you begin this day with a smile on your face,
    and with happiness for your soul to embrace.
    Good Morning my love.
  9. Morning is not only sunrise
    but a beautiful miracle of GOD
    that defeats the darkness & spread light.
    May everyday spread light in your whole life.Ameen.!
    “Good Morning“
  10. The smile is like a simcard and life is like a Cellphone,whenever you insert the
    Simcard of a smile a beautiful day is activated.

  11. A Morning is a wonderful blessing,Either stormy or Sunny,It stands for hope,Giving
    us another start of what we call ...<*L*I*F*E*>...GooD MoRnInG....have A nice dAy.
  12. Cheerful people are like Sunlight.They shine in to the corners of the heart & offer
    bright mornings & fresh hopes....**Good Morning** to one such person.
  13. Life is like a Book: Each day a new page with adventures to experience, lessons to
    learn and good deeds to replicate. Have a COLORFUL PAGE today. Good Morning.

  14. I have a pair of eyes but can't C U everyday....
    Have a pair of ears, but can't hear ur voice everyday....
    But I do have a heart... that cares for you everyday. Good Morning.
  15. Happiness Keeps U SWEET, Trials Make U STRONG, Sorrows Keeps U HUMBLE,
    Sucess Keeps You GLOWING. Wish u a lovely and sweet morning, Gud Day.

  16. Just 3 Steps to end your tensions: Ctrl+Alt+Del.
    Control yourself,
    Look for alternate solution and
    Delete the situation that caused tension!

    Good Morning!
  17. Throw your dreams into space like a kite,
    and you do not know what it will bring back,
    a new day, a new life, a new friend, a new love

    Good Morning.
  18. With petals of Roses,
    Palm full of Holy water,
    Light of full Sun,
    Fragrance of flower and grass with dew.
    I wish U a
    v. special
    GOOD Moning.
  19. Blue be the sky above you,
    Soft be the road below you,
    Affection be the breeze around you,
    I pray all the happiness surrounds you.
    Good Morning.
  20. With petals of Roses,
    Palm full of Holy water,
    Light of full Sun,
    Fragrance of flower and grass with dew.
    I wish U a v. special
    GOOD Moning.
  21. Morning is God’s way of saying ‘1 more time… Go, live life, Make a difference, touch
    ones heart, encourage 1’s mind, inspire 1’s soul & enjoy d day…’ 1 more time.
  22. Smile a while and while you smile, smile another smile and soon there will be miles
    and miles of smile just because you smiled, i wish your day is full of SMILE $**Gud
  23. “DREAMS visit us when we are asleep” but
    GOD is truly wise, He wakes us up each day
    and gives us every chance to make our
    DREAMS come true!Good Morning!
  24. A new day, a new sun, makes us to have a new run.
    Come out of your dreams and see the world outstide. Waiting for you as a new day
    has already begun.Good Morning!
  25. Todays Thought: Try hard to get what u like (or) you will be forced to like what u get.
    Keep smiling always it increases ur face value. Have a terrific day. GOOD MORNING.
  26. 3 glances - 1 smile
    3 smiles - 1 meeting
    3 meeting - 1 kiss
    3 kisses - 1 proposal
    3 proposal - 1 marriage
    and that
    1 marriage - 3 words
    Good Morning!



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